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To assist with O&G , Gas Processing, LNG and Petroleum Refining , Process Technology  and Engineering  Foglietta Consulting offers Conceptual Process Engineering, Technology Development , Safety in Design and Operational Expertise fully integrated in the execution of your project, aiming at innovative solutions for industry challenges.



Typical Conceptual Engineering Package

Basis of Design Memorandum
Simulations and Preliminary Process Design
Mass and Energy Balance
Process Conceptualization  ProcessStudies
Block Diagrams
Process Flow Diagrams
Critical Equipment List
Utilities Estimates
Conceptual Plot Plan
Cost Estimates

Oil & Gas Production, Treating and Processing

Oil Production
Gathering system
Flow Assurance
Well testing
Separation and pumping (conventional or multiphase)
Dehydration and desalting
Contaminants removal
Storage and delivery
Production water treatment and injection
Oil and water pipeline networks
Pumping Stations
Topping units for diesel production

Liquefied Natural Gas

Conceptual Studies
Business Chain Analysis
Technology Studies
Process Cycles
Small and Medium LNG Technology
Offshore LNG
Export Terminals
Import Regasification Terminals
Technical Support for Project Financing

Gas Treating and Processing

Gathering system – Separation Units
Natural gas sweetening
Contaminants removal from natural gas
Natural gas dehydration
Dew-point Control Units – Mechanical Refrigeration – JT
Cryogenic NGL recovery
NGL fractionation
Contaminants removal from NGL
Sulfur Recovery Units, Tail Gas Units and Incineration
NGL storage and delivery
Natural gas compression and gas injection
Gas pipelines and Compression Stations
Compression, dehydration and injection of acid gases

Petroleum Refining

Atmospheric/Vacuum Units
Complex Fractionators
Naphtha splitters
Hydrotreaters and Desulfurizers
Catalytic Naphtha Reformers (s-r)
Hydrogen Management
Fuel Upgrading
Products liquid treating
Sulfur Recovery, Tail Gas Treating
Sour Water Strippers
Waste Water Systems

Fuel Gas Recovery Units


Hydrogen Production
Ethylene and BTX Production